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Locking Hill, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 1UY

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Dr Ewart Lewis
Dr Ian Bye
Dr Robin Blenkarn
Dr Alistair Smith
Dr David Kempson
Dr Sarah Atherton
Dr Jane Austin
Dr Samantha Boden

Tel: 01453 764222
Fax: 01453 847994

GUIDE Information Service

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Please be aware that there have been incidents of hoax emails being sent to people to make them believe they have cancer causing inevitable distress. They claim to be from NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and have a subject line 'important blood analysis result'. If you receive such an email please do not open it but inform our Practice Manager, Jenny Vallely, so that she can inform NHS England who are investigating the origin of these malicious emails. Thank you.


A shingles vaccine will soon be available.  We have placed our first order and await delivery.

Eventually it is hoped that this will be offered to all patients aged 70-79 but initially, as not many vaccines will be available to us, we have been asked to vaccinate patients who are aged 70 AND 79 years of age. The purpose of offering it to our patients who are 79 is so that they are vaccinated before their 80th birthday when they will no longer be eligible for the vaccination. As we will have only a small supply of vaccines given to us, please wait to be called for your vaccination. This is part of a national programme and therefore we are bound by the guidance on who we vaccinate. We await further guidance on vaccinating our patients who are aged 71 to 78.



We have made some changes to our appointment system that aim to make it easier for you to see your GP.  Also, our very experienced Specialist Triage Nurses now offer face-to-face consultations that you can  book directly with our reception staff.  They both prescribe and can see patients who may have such things as chest, throat or bladder infections or conjunctivitis.  They can also offer emergency contraception.  If you are in doubt as to whether they could help you please do not hesitate to ask our reception staff for help.

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This website has been designed to tell you about the practice and the services that we offer. Please read it carefully. We trust that you will find it helpful and informative.



We are open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6.30pm (phone line opens 8.00am).
We do offer some pre-bookable, routine appointments with the GPs outside our normal surgery hours; please enquire at reception.


The Locking Hill Practice is derived from two single-handed practices: one based in Uplands and the other at the 'Top of the Town'.

The doctor for Uplands in the 1920 - 1930s was Dr Whitley. His successor in the late 1930s was Dr Royal who retired in December 1962 and was succeeded at that time by Dr Lamb.

Dr Newton joined his practice in the 1930s and was based at The Chestnuts, Hollow Lane.

At the end of 1963 the two practices joined in partnership but continued to work from separate premises, Dr Newton at The Chestnuts and Dr Lamb at a purpose-built surgery attached to Brookfield House, Lansdown. After a couple of years it was decided to close the surgery at Hollow Lane and all practice work was conducted from Brookfield House. During that time Drs Lamb and Newton were joined by Dr Bamford and later by Dr J L Dod.

In 1972 the practice moved to the Health Centre at Beeches Green, being joined by Dr Gillian Dod and, on the retirement of Dr Newton, by Dr Voss.

With increasing numbers of patients and extreme pressure on available space it was decided to move out of the Health Centre into the purpose-built Locking Hill Surgery in 1982.

Practice News and Notices

FLU VACCINATIONS! Our flu clinics are now under way so please contact reception to make an appointment. You qualify for a free vaccination if you are over 65, suffer from asthma or other respiratory disease, diabetes, chronic heart, liver, kidney or neurological disease, your immune system is supressed, if you are a carer or if you live in long-term residential care.

The practice would like to thank the various advertisers who have helped to produce this Website. However, it must be pointed out that the accuracy of any statements cannot be warranted, nor any products or services advertised, be guaranteed or endorsed.



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