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Medication review appointments Posted on 15 Nov 2019

At Locking Hill Surgery we are reviewing our medication review processes to ensure we offer our patients the safest care.  The changes are being made to ensure the safety of our prescribing processes as it is very important that we regularly check your health when you are on certain medicines. This will ensure that it is safe to continue to prescribe these for you.  This process may require you to attend the surgery or to have a telephone appointment with a clinician.  As a minimum this review should happen once a year (though this may be more often for some medication or groups of patients).  A blood test may be required as part of this review.  If your review is due and we need you to attend the surgery, we will send you a letter detailing exactly which appointments you need to book. Please ensure that you attend your medication review appointment. If you fail to attend, we will offer you another appointment but we will also reduce the quantity of medication supplied until you have attended your medication review.   


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Anja Oelbracht